Tips for Skin Care

Tips for Skin Care

Our skin covers our entire body and is the first point of interaction with the surrounding environment. It serves as a protective barrier that prevents internal tissues from exposure to trauma, ultraviolet radiation, temperature and seasonal changes, toxins, and bacteria. Skin is constructed with epidermis and dermis with various layers, cells, glands, hair follicles and vessels that supply blood.
People have a big choice of products to maintain the beauty of their skin. They can be used only under the guidance of a dermatologist (skin doctor). There are innumerable options provided as natural skin care also. What is good for skin type you possess can be decided in consultation of a doctor.
Easy generic tips for skin care:

  1. Diet matters!
    1. Fruits, cereals, spices and vegetables available locally are more effective as a complete meal
    2. Drink water sufficiently, keeps skin hydrated
    3. Avoid hot and spicy food items
    4. Olive oil is natural anti-oxidant and also an anti-ageing agent
    5. Walnuts contain omega-3-fatty acid, deficiency of which causes eczema
    6. Tomatoes improve skin’s natural SPF component, thus making it as a good anti-sunburn agent
    7. Soy contains isoflavone which improves skin elasticity
    8. Cooked pumpkin has beta-carotene which the body converts into vitamin A which in turn is essential growth of skin cells
    9. Sunflower seeds can provide the Vitamin E supplement which enhances immune function
    10. Carrots give a healthy complexion
    11. Chickpeas reduce painful inflamed pimples
    12. Use herbs in cooking. Like Rosemary or thyme reduces risk of melanoma


  1. Heal with nature
    1. Ghee for chipped lips in winter, cracked heels
    2. Turmeric as antiseptic for not so skin deep wounds and burns
    3. Honey moisturizes dry skin, adds a glow to skin, fights bacteria,
    4. Coconut oil is good for hair, and also an exfoliating agent
    5. Lemon fights acne, lightens stretch marks
    6. Ginger helps as an antidote for hyperpigmentation
    7. Sesame seed oil heals inflammation, detoxifies face, moisturizes
    8. Milk cleanses skin, good for dry skin


  1. Sleep restores
    1. Tone and texture of the skin is restored by good sleep
    2. Not enough sleep can lead to acne break outs, allergic contact dermatitis
    3. Less hours of sleep accelerates the ageing process of the skin
    4. Skin makes new collagen during sleep, thus with good sleep expect less wrinkles


  1. Breathing exercises and meditation
    1. Consult an expert to make a choice of breathing exercises and the process of meditation
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