Apolotus Health Solution Pvt Ltd is providing a technology platform called Health Saarthi. Health Saarthi is a 360-degree online solution provisioning platform which provides products utilizing a hybrid approach of the Web & Mobility (Android & iOS operating systems) to the Health care / Wellness Service Providers among themselves and for their consumers/customers.
Health Saarthi can be accessed via multiple devices, i.e. mobiles, tablets, laptops & desktops.
The products are developed on the basis of the below mentioned pillars –

five pillars

Currently service providers can choose from various types of models

  • Formulated Plan Packs – We have painstakingly formulated Plan packs based on the varying requirements of product features which you may need. Each plan is uniquely structured to provide the maximum benefits to your investments.
  • Customized Plan Packs – All the features are also being made available as individual add-on and have separate pricing. Customer can create his own pack by selecting the features he is interested in. This offers lot of flexibility to health professionals to draw upon the strength of the product.

Product Features

Introduction I

Health Saarthi introduces following web based product which are available on

HS Link – Engage with your patient

This product is intended for the Doctors who are commencing their digitization journey.

It provides widgets of individual features of the Health Saarthi products integrated and deployed onto the available websites of the healthcare service providers.


  • Harness the power of digital media to boost your practise awareness.

HS LIST – Be there when your patient needs you !

This product is intended for the Doctors having their individual consultancy/ practice and the end user/ patient.
It provides the Doctors with a ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) listing option for their practice.
It is a snapshot profile summary for patients.


  • 24 x 7 online practice listing availability for the patients.

  • Easy to use entry level Profile Listing for doctors.

  • Quick easy appointment booking for patients.

HS LINK PRO – Your practise gateway to the web !
This product is intended for the Doctors who require customized, interactive and multi platform sites that attract Patients
HS LINK PRO is a powerful web based tool for connecting with your prospective patients online.
A unique and personalise website designed just for your individual requirement with the additional power of the Health Saarthi platform to maximise your reach & provide you the best value for your money.

  • Personalized Showcasing platform.

  • Hassle free Web Maintenance Support.

  • Freedom to Manage the Web contents.

  • Free Inbuilt Plugin available for Patient Inbound.

  • Initiation, Confirmation, Tracking.

  • Clear & real time communication with patients/customers.

  • Efficient patient/customer flow management.

HS MAX PRAX – Maximise your practise in a snap !

This product is intended to assist the Doctor for effective Practice and enhanced Patient Management.
It increases the efficiency of your practise and leaves you with that extra time to relieve yourself from the pressure of work.
From attracting new patients to reducing no shows via the effective appointment manager MAX PRAX helps you be the best doctor you can be.
HS MAX PRAX is the best thing to happen to your
experience of patient management and the balancing of your best practises.
Doctor-patient intensive engagement
Enhanced patient retention
Effective patient communication


  • Paper free storage of huge volumes of Patient Health Records (PHR)

  • Organized practice and patient management.

  • Growth of professional network for doctors.

  • E-Mail, SMS – multiple modes to communicate with patients.

HS SPREAD – Reach Spread Enhance and sustain !

This product is intended to harness the power of digital media for the Doctors to boost their practice and expertize awareness,
HS SPREAD is an easy to use tool on the web as well as an app to spread your expertize across the globe in seconds. Garner the benefit of collaboration to enhance/share your knowledge.


  • Experience the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing across the network of like minded health professionals.

  • Exhaustive Expertize spread across various Social Media platform enhancing the Drs reputation and trust.

  • Help in building and developing well informed Patients thereby uplifting the healthcare service levels.

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